Beyond the Walls Gallery

This Gallery began when I was crowdsourcing images for the music video, "When the Walls Come Down" 

What? In the midst of 2020 I put out a call - asking what the notion of a wall, or life beyond a wall evoked for you. I received many many images, literal and figurative. A selection is set out below.

How? To contribute go to the "Submit Photos" link below and send a photo with the subject "Beyond Walls Photo Gallery"

When? Send when you can, and I'll post when I can.

Only selected photos will be posted.  

The Beyond Walls Contributors


Rod Adams

Eleonora Aliverti

Laura Boswell

Kerstin Brandt


Janet Buchanan

Lucy Bowers

Bob Cutler

Sue Cutler

Ceila Denov

Christine Donato

Liz Dowie

Chris Eddy

Clela Errington

Eden Fadzo Croft

Bärbel Falk

Barb Foerster

Melanie Franke

Grettal Fryszberg

Paul Gallagher

Bruce Gauthier

Rita Greer

Tom Hamilton

Mary Haynes

Frannie Hoffman

Philomene Hoffman 

Iole Iadopole

Emily Johnsson

Kaia Kivisaar

Olesya Kovaleva

Jacky Lam

Jason LaPrade

Liina Lepik

Claire Lynch

Clifford Marcus

Akiko Masuda

Michael McDermott 

Maarja Merivoo

A. Bubba McLean

Peter Mules

Carola Moore

Kimberley Newton

Erin O’Halloran

Heather O’Halloran

Anshula Ohri

Nicola Parish

Sasha Pierce

Poet Girl

Larissa Procska

Rebecca Procska

Liz Prax

Gita Ramchandani

Shaini Ramchandani

Michelle Savard

Andre Sena

Mark Sepic

Ardene Shapiro

Marge Täks

Patricia Townsend

Linda Turu


Evi Vahtra

Sytske van der Veen

Ohana Verma

Marcellina Vialleto

Cheryl Wallace

Lillian Wauthier          

Ruth Wilford

David Woodhead        

Michael Wrycraft


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