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Where will you be when the walls come down? I put this question out there in 2020 and many photographs were sent to me in response. I'm happy to offer this co-created music video. More dreaming & action!

Where Will You Be When the Walls Come Down?

When I wrote "When the Walls Come Down" it was inspired by ancestral voices - but with the onset of the pandemic, many walls came into sharp relief -  physical, societal, and personal. I began imagining what life could be like without them. 

A Call for Photos   


I put out a general call - asking people to send in images relating to the notion of a wall or that spoke to getting beyond a wall. The photographs could be literal or figurative. I've received many many photographs in response. 

Some of the photos appear in the music video.  A good selection of the photos is posted on the "Beyond Walls Gallery" 

Submit your Photo

You can still submit a photo for the Gallery by clicking the "Submit Your Photos" button below, with the subject: "Beyond Walls Photo Gallery"

Send when you can, and I'll post when I can.

Only selected photos will be posted.

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