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“In days after the invasion of Ukraine, a friend in Germany spoke of the graceful but fierce brimstone butterfly - the first to emerge from a long winter, marking the coming of spring. I instantly saw the yellow wings soaring into the blue sky - and felt the spirit of Ukraine.”

When the Walls Come Down -

Bravo! Beautiful video and I LOVE your new song, can't stop singing it- Elizabeth Copeland 

I love the way the photos and your performance weave together - Jason LaPrade


Loved the video and all that you shared in creating this work of art- Frannie Hoffman Kaluza  


Congrats on a wonderful sounding record, Taivi. I felt it in my chest!– Steve McNie

Taivi what a clever way to bring a community of dreamers together - Christine Donato


Gorgeous, evocative and thought provoking images, music and lyrics - Elvira Sanchez de Malicki


"...sounds so good..."

Mike Sadava, Penguin Eggs


Taivi, a Toronto-based songwriter who employs the single monicker, met Claire Lynch, who now spends much of her time in Canada, and the bluegrass legend agreed to mentor her by Skype. When it came time to record, Taivi used Lynch's band of heavy seasoned musicians such a Mark Schatz and Jarrod Walker on most of the tracks, as well as Lynch's backup vocal, adding local Ontario notables such as Ken Whitely. The recording took place...


When an artist calls herself Taivi...

...and presents herself on the cover with lots of blue water, it must be approached with caution. It threatens meditation - sauna -  lounge music in the Enja style with Peruvian panflutes and Australian didgeridoos.


But far from it: this singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada, has given us a completely listenable cd with lively newgrass songs which sometimes remind us of the flair of the Dixie Chicks. 


“Taivi’s album is beautiful. The songs are hers, they sound like Taivi; beautifully arranged and presented.”

– Clela Lee Errington  ​  

“Real songs. Beautifully sung and played. Everything to like about it” – Howard Gladstone    

“Brilliant lyrics and arrangements… my fave driving music!!” – Suzanne Maltman

Released in late 2017,  Taivi’s new album Rising Tide is the culmination of a long journey for the Toronto singer-songwriter, while at the same time serving as her formal introduction to the wider folk music community.

Thirteen songs deep and recorded at various locales in North America and even Frankfurt, Germany, the Rising Tide sessions were mentored by Grammy-nominated, internationally renowned bluegrass star Claire Lynch, whose band backed Taivi on the album, along with a few other notable musicians.


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Interview - FYI Music News

Five Questions With… Taivi 

Dec 19, 2017 by Jason Schneider

On her new album, Rising Tide, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Taivi offers a refreshing take on Americana. Thirteen songs deep and recorded in locales ranging from Toronto, Guelph and Nova Scotia to Nashville and Frankfurt, Rising Tide is a culmination of a lifetime of music and expression for Taivi, who writes on both guitar and piano.

As a bonus, much of Rising Tide was made with the Grammy-nominated bluegrass Claire Lynch Band who in many ways mentored Taivi throughout the process. She first became aware of Lynch when a fellow musician gifted her a compilation of female bluegrass artists–O Sister! (The Women’s Bluegrass Collection).

Taivi and Lynch struck up a relationship on Skype, and as Rising Tide began taking shape, Lynch took the further step of offering her band for the core instrumentation. Notable is the fact that many of them have also played with leading bluegrass luminaries such as Nickel Creek, Tony Rice, Tim O’Brien and Alison Brown.

As for the music on Rising Tide itself, Taivi describes the songs as being about life and connections. Whether it’s the easygoing “Red Moon Rise,” the infectious “When I'm With You”—a duet with Nova Scotia recording artist Ryan Roberts—or the sobering waltz “One More Dance,” Taivi bares her heart and soul with every note of her beguiling alto. 



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With her new album “Rising Tide,” singer-songwriter Taivi is breaking fresh ground for herself, exploring a bluegrass sound with the help of her mentor Claire Lynch.  Indeed, not only did Lynch advise on the project, but she connected Taivi with members of her own band as support on the album.

The result is a gorgeous collection of songs reflecting on (says Taivi) “life and connections.”  Songs such as “I’m Here,” which is a lovely declaration of fidelity and loyalty, and “Parry Sound,” a lilting tribute to one of Taivi’s favorite places (and ours too, here at Team GDW!), make this album a delightful listening experience.



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