through these changing times ....  

Keep each other close in your hearts, and the music flowing 

much much more to come!



Erin Roots Radio - The Busholme

the Busholme show did not come in under the Covid wire - but a big thanks to all for the pre-show support  (and to the wonderful Suzie Vinnick for prepping away!)  

Heliconian Club - in the heart of Yorkville

Friday March 13, 2020- "Folkloric: Celebrating Canadian Women Composers"   35 Hazelton Avenue - Toronto (7:30 start) $30...

Black Swan - Toronto

Saturday December 14, 2019 - with Wayne Neon's Tubular Orchestra.

Plein Air Concert

August 7, 2019  -  Toronto outdoor summer concert series - with Anne Walker & Philomene Hoffmann

Hamilton - Free Wheelin' Folk - with Jim Marino

May 26 - 25th anniversary show CFMU 93.1

Burdock - Toronto -

March 30 with  Anne Walker & Philomene Hoffman .

Hugh's Room Live - Toronto - March 15

6th Annual James Taylor Tribute (with Heather Bambrick, Annie Sumi, Chris Burkett, Wendy Lands, Tyra Jutai, Arlene Bishop, the Zubots....)

​ TORONTO - November 30

Heliconian Club - Cabaret Nite

TORONTO - Saturday November 10

Don Heights Coffeehouse

LUNENBURG NS - July 4th - 7 to 9 pm

Becca's Bayport Pub, 3017 Bayport hwy 332, Rose Bay, NS   

HALIFAX NS July 6th 4 to 6 pm

Sawadee Tea House, 1871 Granville Street

ST MARGARET'S BAY NS July 7th - 8 pm

An evening at the Head of St. Margaret's Bay - where the tide rises! 

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OTTAWA, June 2

Rainbow Bistro,  9:30 pm.


Tree House Cafe,   7 - 9  pm


May 18, Spiral Cafe,  7 –  9 pm

May 19, Wildwood Concert, 8 pm 

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May 4th - 6th

Women's Music Weekend -  Guelph, Ontario

Thursday May 3d

Celebrating the CNIB's 100th Year of Making a Difference!

Cosmo Music Hall, Richmond Hill

Friday March 2nd

Performing Artist Lodge, Toronto - 8:30 pm

Saturday, December 2nd

With: Jack Alvo
Café Hesed, 247 Main Street South, Newmarket

Thursday, November 9th

Heliconian Hall – Rising Tide

Sunday, November 5th

With: Teresa Doyle & October Browne
Garden Studio, Toronto

Friday, October 27th

Performing Artists Lodge, Toronto

Tuesday, September 19th

Wakefield Inn, Wakefield PQ

Wednesday, May 31st

Wildwood Concert, Victoria, BC

Friday, April 21st

Performing Artists Lodge, Toronto

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